Warmer Days

A look back to warmer days and meeting these lovely people for the first time. Sometimes you get to just set back and watch the connection happen, that was certainly the case with Carley and Brian. My best you both and Happy Birthday Carley, I wish you and Brian lots of reasons to dance.

Outtakes are the Good takes

Violet is six and wasn’t much into looking my way with a smile.
Being six comes with being shy and a little ornery and honestly, at the time it seemed a bit of a challenge to get a good picture.
But the truth is she just wanted to be herself and do her thing and for that I’m grateful. I have found that photographs that endure are real moments and when a child is allowed to be as real as they want to be in front of my camera, I strike a little gold. So here are Violet’s “outtakes” which certainly are the good takes.

Monty - “…photographs that endure are real moments…” Well said my friend and these will matter for years and the story of this moment will be relived again!

David & Kathryn

My Wedding Photography tagline for over ten years now has been “We highly encourage joy” Well Kathryn and David needed no encouragement at all in fact they were literally giving joy away and I even got some. Kathryn is combustable fun and energetic loveliness and David is calm kindness, quick whited and a true prince amongst men.
It was my honor to be a witness to their contagious happiness.
Thanks to you both, I’m still smiling.


This little beauty is going places, literally. She’s what I call a fast mover, 18 months old, on the move with an agenda.
That said she’s crazy beautiful and when she looked my way she could do no wrong.
Thank you Chiaki and Kotara what a wonderful gift you have in your little girl.

f a c e b o o k