Flew into Lagaurdia, taking in NYC for the first time from the air.  The almost completed Freedom Tower, The Empire State Building, Chrysler building and a thousand other Monoliths I don’t know just stunned these native Ohio eyes.   I’m back in this fantastic city  for 48 hours, no time to be idle, I have a shoot with an amazing couple I’m thrilled to meet and wonderful family to visit.  I’m anxious a little for my lacking sense of direction but my mouth works just fine and questions for directions lead me to meet some great folk.  New Yorkers get a bad wrap, direct yes but jerks, no.   I do the subway jam and sway  and listen to a whir of Spanish, German and Ukrainian conversations as we skip through stops and people of every color and creed step in, ride and step out in perfect New York pace.    I am smitten by this City, more inspired really and am hoping for another visit soon.  In the meantime here are some “postcards” from the Big Apple.


Shannon - LOVE!

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