“What are you thankful for?”  Tricia’s first question to me this morning with a smile.  “Advil” I say dryly, kinda serious, kinda kidding, aching back and aching knees coloring the morning as we sit down to our “Coffee Date”. “How bout you” I ask, her reply is lifting,  “I’m thankful I’m doing what I’m doing.” For those that know Tricia, that’s a lot.  Columbus Soup and Bread, No Chefs Allowed,  Good Day Columbus, managing our Photography Studio and of course Ambassador of fun and love for our family.

Tricia’s the a gift that’s keeps on giving to me and to many.   She’s taught me there’s nothing more effective than enthusiasm and love is best shown.   She’s quick with a high five and even quicker with an idea.  Up for anything and down on standing still, this is wife God has blessed me with and I’m a better man for it.  So let’s roll back the tape, What am I thankful for?  Tricia the Great, no question.

Jenn - Love, love, love this little tribute about your beautiful wife. Love you guys. Have a wonderful Christmas!


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