I had a completely different photograph to share but I was stunned and quite literally brought to tears today by this one of our daughter Margot taken yesterday.  These days are moving fast and we’re packing kids going to and fro, changing diapers, pouring juice, returning emails, trying to stay afloat on the currents of social media, trying to save that dollar, trying to get healthier or trying not to get worse, trying to stay inspired, trying to do our best and sometimes just trying to do what we can, just trying.  And then I look into these eyes and they feel like mercy to me; like the sun rising and what was pressing not so pressing now.  Sweet perspective is one of the many gifts of children. Thank you beautiful Margot for helping dad step out of the whirlwind and find his footing again.

Monty - Inspiring words, beautiful photo, simply adorable.

Candis Jones - made me cry too.

Jessi Palandrani - She is beautiful and so is your family…I really enjoyed reading this blog.

Carl McKinney - What an amazing photo. There’s such a calm enveloping her.

Such a great word brother! Thank you for sharing your heart. We all feel the heavy burden of the world, but we serve a God with such a renewing strength.

Amy - Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, as is the cadence of your writing. Her eyes…blue is here to stay, I think.

Barbara - Margot is precious beyond words yet you managed, again, to get to the heart of it so beautifully with your prose!! B

Stacy - beautiful girl. her gaze is so penetrating, i think i’ve been hypnotized! will take a deep breath today too. thanks, margot. and chris, your writing and photos are so artistic, the left side of your brain must be melting! quick, what’s 2 + 2??

Sally Ann - OH MY! We need to meet her amidst your whirlwind. Hope you are all doing well. Indeed, life is too short!

Jennie - This post really hit home for me!!! LOVE your work Chris! Congrats on your family and best wishes keeping in it all in balance. Blessings!!! Jennie (Kabobs 🙂

Michele Moczarski - I was so utterly moved by your awe-inspiring words and beautiful photograph of your daughter, Margot…..Wow, she is soo perfect!
Thank you for reminding me to slow down and really take in what matters in this life and that is, family~

I am new to photography….and am just learning the basics, I just love the light on her sweet face in this picture, and the way her eyes really seem to pull you in.

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