Santa Fe Day 2, Self Portrait

So day two and we get personal.  It’s a strange thing taking pictures of yourself at least for me.  Had an idea and went for it but wasn’t prepared for how personal the images struck me.  Catching glimpses of your parents and your children in your face at the same moment can be a profound thing, it was for me.  here I am.

Carl. - What magnificent images. Im always excited for your trips to Santa Fe because you return with such a fire to share and explore your art. I love these black and whites man!!!

DiAnna DiAntonio - Pictures are amazing things, they can tell your whole life story, just by taking a picture of yourself:) A picture of my face and of myself would definitely scare me….LOL. But, you did an amazing photograph of youself and I can see my beautiful aunt in your face 🙂
Love and miss you

Candis - These are awesome.

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