Our daughter Margot, photographed today in our front lawn.  She wasn’t quite sure what to make of the er, “flowers”.


Heather - Beautiful…. so unbelievably beautiful.

Heather - Beautiful…. so unbelievably beautiful.

Rebecca & Jason

We had the pleasure of working with the Korb family four years ago, photographing Rebecca’s wonderful sister Elizabeth, so it was a fun reunion for Tricia and I.    Rebecca and Jason wedding had it all, love, laughter, wonderful people and amazing style.   Jamie and her great staff from Devoted to Details kept the day flowing and The Westin, once again, delivered an amazing experience.  We even saw Nathan from Prodigy Video who worked with us on Elizabeth’s wedding.   It was a great day, thank you Jason and Rebecca for all the joy, it was an honor.

the Bride - Absolutely beautiful photos!!! Thank you so much for capturing our special day and all the moments we will want to relive! Jason and I will look at these pictures forever! Love, The Bride & Groom

admin - I’m Thrilled you like them!

DiAnna DiAntonio - Chris,
You never crease to amaze me! Your photographs are so unique, so beautiful and you have a wonderful God gifted blessing and I am happy to be able to see it thru your pictures 🙂 God Bless you and your family.
Love your cuz,

James Gaiters

My friend James stopped the studio last week for a quick hello and to bounce some ideas about artwork for his CD to be released soon; James is an amazing jazz musician.  We talked photography, music and inspiration. I looked at him and then to my camera 2ft away and suggested we make some photographs here and now, thankfully he was up for it.  The backstory is James and I go back, in fact he hired me to shoot and design his first cover ten years ago.  We’ve kept up over the years and he has become a great friend always with an encouragement , an insight and a reminder how big and good God is.   He new release “Exodus” will be available soon, here’s a sample here.

James - Bro. Chris, thanks for the “props”… It’s an honor to be connected to such a great man. Great things are in store for you 🙂

Santa Fe, day 3, part 2, The Town

Our first location shoot of the class was at an amazing movie set of an old western town.  Movies like Silverado were shot there and actors like John Wayne and Henry Fonda had card games and shoot outs.  We arrived and got right to work, it was litterally the fastest four hours of my life.  David gave a great demo on how to use a silk ( a huge diffusion canopy)  in open sun as well as where and how to use reflected light, which blew my mind.   I was soon off carrying a 7b Profoto pack and strobe head  preparing to set it up and hope fully make some images.   Found my location and talked some direction to the model and began to wrestle with my light.  David strolled over and in an encouraging way ask why wasn’t I using “the God given light.”   I think as photographers we tend to complicate things and I certainly was, this amazing south western light all around and I’m going add to it?   So with that I sparingly used the strobe but mostly reflected, diffused or used sunlight directly.  Here are some images from the day.  Thanks for visiting.

f a c e b o o k