Annie & Tom

It was so nice to fade into the background and observe Annie and Tom’s delightful connection.   Thank you both for the pleasure.

Nick Fancher - Really beautiful and timeless shots here man.

Kylie Batt - согласна с тобой!…

It was so nice to fade into the background and observe Annie and Tom’s delightful connection.   Thank you both for the pleasure…..

Laura & Kyle

After the birth of our second son, Tricia and I have had the tradition of watching inspirational movies as we brought in the new year. Exciting I know but we’re big on inspiration at the Keels house.  This year we had plans to photograph a wonderful couple as they took there first steps into the new year as man and wife.  The day from beginning to end was an amazing celebration.   Laura with her beautiful smile and Kyle with his charming easiness radiated through the night from the exchange of vows to the dropping of the ball. Laura & Kyle, Happy New Life and may God bless every day of it.


I had the pleasure of photographing this spectacular lady last week.    There are people that are just pure sunshine and Annie here is certainly in that catagory.  She was recently selected as the new star of the CW, a Columbus television station, a position she’s aptly qualified.  Stephanie, her producer and Rob, the station’s art director, were in addition, incredible to work with.  Thank you all for your amazing participation and of course all the laughter.


Grace & Favor

I’d like to introduce our little miracle Margaret Ann.  For those who know my wife Tricia and are scratching your head, you’re not crazy, she wasn’t pregnant, Margaret is adopted.   Once again we have experienced God’s amazing grace and witnessed this little one born into a room full of love.  She’s named after my mother who passed 12 yrs ago, a wonderful woman who would’ve loved this little one silly.  We found out  through our lovely friend Candis the name Margaret means “Pearl” and Ann means”Grace and Favor”

Pearl of grace and favor is just about right.

Nick Fancher - We are SO happy for you guys. She is so lucky to have you guys. And amazingly, she looks like you guys too!

Sally Ann - Oh Yeah! She’s beautiful – congrats to all of you Chris!

Candis Jones - i’m all choked up over here. So happy.

Sara Bing - Congratulations! She is absolutely perfect. I am so happy for you and Tricia! What a blessing!

Stacy - What a perfect little miracle! Can’t wait to meet her, and hope we have a little friend for her soon! Best wishes and lots of love!

Katy Larrison - Congratulations Chris and Tricia! Margaret is beautiful and I am so very happy for you both!!

admin - thanks so much everyone!

LeeAnn Glass - Just lovely! So Happy for your family!

Bonnie Leary - Tricia,

Although I wasn’t in the loop, somehow the news found its way to me. Congratulations to you and your family. Margaret Ann has been blessed to have found her way into your family and your hearts. In the short time we spent together in Italy it was obvious that you had so much to give from your heart, and bringing Margaret Ann into your lives is proof of that.

Blessings to all of you, may you all live together in peace, health, love and joy.


bonnie leary

Anna - Stinkin cute! I love that you can see my mom passed our on the couch in the background…hehe

Monica B. - Congratulations! She’s beautiful. I’ll keep you in my prayers. (Monica B. Village Vineyard)

Kylie Batt - Не плохо!!!!…

I’d like to introduce our little miracle Margaret Ann…..

New Year – Resolute

I’ve decided not to make any resolutions this year.  No sweeping announcements of change, no lists of  things to stop doing or start doing.  I’ve lived long

enough and know myself well enough to have figured these things are for me empty promises.  Yes, I could stand to lose some weight and there’s that basement

to get to, closets to clean, those letters to write  and the bible to read cover to cover.  Many, many and many more things to change or improve on.

However, I think I’m through with the annual self-polishing and have come to realize that the sweet life is the one in progress.  I have found myself better

not by looking at myself but by looking at what I love.  So with that I offer this image of my family shot this November on our wonderful vacation to Florida,

I would say there’s room for one more don’t you think?

More on that a little later.

God Bless you all in this 2010

scott truitt - So beautiful as usual, Chris. Another on the way? Congratulations!

admin - hey thank you Scott, so good to hear from you!

Monty - “The sweet life is the one in progress,” well said. Beautiful image. Room for one more? hmmmm. Best to you and yours in 2010.

admin - and to you too Monty!

f a c e b o o k