Father & Son

The hours of this Christmas day are coming to an end.  I’de like to share an image of a wonderful

friend and greatly admired photographer Nick Fancher with his brand new baby boy Jack August Fancher.  I had the privilege if visitng them

in hospital this past wednesday  and made some photographs of their time together. This image brings great joy to me and on this day

reminds me personally how Jesus Christ came into this world and that the world was never the same.

Thank you Nick, Beth and Jack for the honor.

God is so good.


Candis Jones - perfection.

Annette Michele McMurry - Awesome! Congrats to Nick!

Stephanie Lehnert - Oh, What an outstanding image! I am so Happy for Nick and Beth.

Nick Fancher - Thank you for coming out to visit us and for the brilliant photos you took. Your friendship is worth so much to us.

Nick, Beth and Jack

Carl McKinney - Amazing images Chris! I know Nick is going to be an awesome dad with his humility, intelligence, and Christlikeness. Thank you for sharing!

“Photos I like” 3 – Happy Birthday Adam!



Adam in a snuggie, yes we own a snuggie.

Adam in a snuggie, yes we own a snuggie.

the many faces of Adam

the many faces of Adam

My youngest is celebrating his 5th birthday today.  Adam loves his birthday,

he talks about it year round, literally in May he will be telling me details of how things are going go on December 21,

what gifts, special privileges, you name it.  I love that he loves his birthday , I love that he was born.  He is my passionate one

intense, friendly and at times fickle.  His laughter is contangious and fortunately (for all of us) he thinks

Tricia is the most hilarious person walking.  He and I have an almost daily wrestling match and he has developed some

signature moves.  My personal favs are the stealthy lifting shirt lower back whack and the double pincer, pinch ear grab all of which he delivers with

gleeful enthusiasm.  So Happy Birthday Adam you are loved and we are blessed.

“Photos I like” 2

Here is Sara & Varun, just after Varun
finished the portion of his wedding vow in Persian,
He’s Indian so this was quite a feat. I loved being in that
moment with them and seeing it now.

tech: available light, f2.8@ 1/30 / 16-35mm, iso 800

, and holding my breath

dasha - love the new blog (and images)! it’s beautiful!

SaraAndVarun - This is one of our favorites. You captured this moment so well!! Amazing!

admin - Thank you Sara, I loved being at your wedding it was like a ride through one big celebration!

“Photos I like” 1

I thought I’de go for a streak here, a daily post for a say a week.

Theme?  Simply any photo I come across that makes me happy.

So to lead off the bunch here’s Abbey and very cool hubby Tony while aloof  chairs when their

super fun reception reached it’s apex .  A little tech info for the photogs, shot w/ two bare off camera flashes,

and a little luck on the angle of light


f a c e b o o k