John & Molly

So March means Santa Fe, NM for me.  It’s a time for me to open up the solar panel and recharge from that south western sun and those wonderful folks at the Santa Fe Photographic workshops.    This year I had a chance to hang out with Peter Yang, an incredible guy and incredible photographer.  For the portraits the top is John, I call him calm John kind and soulful, he and I hit it off and got to talking so much, I almost didn’t make the photographs.  Below is Molly, intense and intelligent with a vibrant vibe and a touch of melancholy.   More to come.

Amy & Sean

It’s great for me to share these images at long last, I find myself laughing with these two all over again.   Thank you Sean and Amy  for everything.

Kate Milton Ritenbaugh - Amy, you look AMAZING! I’m so happy for you! Your photographer was awesome!!

Congratulations, again!

OXOX, Kate

Amy - Chris, you are a magician! We couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks again for being so wonderful!

admin - Thank you Amy!

Mallory - So many beauties. Love the surprise shot of Mary too. xoxox

Gina H. Van Vliet - Chris, It was so much fun watching you take such great shots. The photos are amazing.

Gina (Sean’s Mom).

AJ & Christina engaged in NYC

The only thing better than this incredible day in New York was this couple together.  We met for the first time in Washington Square Park and jumped right in.  AJ and Christina were perfect tour guides giving lessons on cab hailing etiquette and best spots for NY street cuisine.  What was immediately  obvious and so great to photograph was the affection they have for each; where ever they went their smiles were infectious.  Thank you both,  C


Flew into Lagaurdia, taking in NYC for the first time from the air.  The almost completed Freedom Tower, The Empire State Building, Chrysler building and a thousand other Monoliths I don’t know just stunned these native Ohio eyes.   I’m back in this fantastic city  for 48 hours, no time to be idle, I have a shoot with an amazing couple I’m thrilled to meet and wonderful family to visit.  I’m anxious a little for my lacking sense of direction but my mouth works just fine and questions for directions lead me to meet some great folk.  New Yorkers get a bad wrap, direct yes but jerks, no.   I do the subway jam and sway  and listen to a whir of Spanish, German and Ukrainian conversations as we skip through stops and people of every color and creed step in, ride and step out in perfect New York pace.    I am smitten by this City, more inspired really and am hoping for another visit soon.  In the meantime here are some “postcards” from the Big Apple.


Shannon - LOVE!

f a c e b o o k