Four Days in Santa Fe part four

Tumbleweeds and cowboys, old parlors and rock-a-billy stars.  Our last location shoot landed in an old western movie set, stocked with character, all kinds of characters and of course the Santa Fe light that could do no wrong.    Here’s smattering of images staring the fantastic Freddie and the venerable Thomas.

Amanda Gorman - Catching up on your work. You always come out with the most brilliant stuff from the Santa Fe workshops. Hope you are well!

Four days in Santa Fe part 3

Fashion shoot in an abandon Santa Fe power plant, it just doesn’t get any better.

Both images lit with strobe through a soft box

image 1, light through ceiling opening, image 2, strobe & softbox

Sunlight through a doorway


Four days in Santa Fe part 2

So yes scenics are great, good food and culture are all good things but I find it’s the people that make the vacation.  I had the pleasure of being surrounded by a wonderful, talented and encouraging class.  Beginning with our fearless instructor Jeff Lipsky (first image) who blew me away with his incredible work then blew me away again with his humility.   Then to my fellow students who kept laughs going while we all did our best to step outside comfort zones to develop this craft that we love.  Thanks to all for the encouragement and insights, I’ll hold them tight.  On day 2 we photographed each other in all kinds of light, natural and man made.   It’s rare to have a complete collaboration where the outcome isn’t the point but the process is.

Four days in Santa Fe part 1

March seems to be the time to go southwest for me.  It’s my fourth year going to the hallowed grounds of The Sante Fe Photographic workshops, the school literally shares land with an Order of Carmelite Nuns.  The beauty of landscape, the clean light and the culture of New Mexico, this wonderful place has become something of a second home for me.  A couple images from our first day.



























Atticus George Keels

Here’s my bounding boy wonder, always bounding and always full of wonder.  Atticus never met a lego he didn’t like and is constantly dreaming, creating, composing and spreading his imagination to every literal corner of the house.  We love his mind, heart and his feet that always seem to be just off the ground.


f a c e b o o k