So we’ve been a little busy lately, holiday shoots and such.  I’ve taken thousands of photographs over the past month and it’s time to start sharing some.  So with that here’s Maggie



I’ve never been to a baby shower, they’re borderline prohibitive to the male gender but I can say that I’ve been invited to Baby Fest 2011.  My friends Ashley and Andy thought they’d throw a bash for the little one on the way, invite friends, throw in greats eats, a little PBR and a lotta Karaoke.  We celebrated, in and out of key, how good God is and what a gift this new baby will be.  Andy and Ashley I’m honored to have been invited and I’m honored to be your friend.  God Bless all that’s coming you way.



Candis - Drew and I looked through these photos last night and Drew was like, “Seriously. It doesn’t get any better. How does he DO IT?”

Loved these, especially the ones of Andy and Ashley. Stunning.


My friends Heidi, Tawd and little man Josiah shared their lovely faces for my ongoing FACES series.   Thanks so much you three for the laughs, insights and entertainment (Josiah), God Bless.

Candis - Just beautiful. As usual.

f a c e b o o k