These little ones were photographed recently, Ayelet Lee at 12 days old and Jackson Moore at 9 days.  They are both parent’s first children and both parents expressed that mix of love, amazement, complete adoration and exhaustion.    Children are the very definition of a blessing, thanks to all of you  for sharing your blessings with me and allowing me to share them back to you in photographs.   In the spirit of Christmas I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes that always brings me perspective and hope.

“The human heart is good.  People everywhere want peace.  They want to find a way to end wars and raise families in a peaceful world.”  Kim Phuc

God Bless

Kristin & Alex

Alex and Kristin first date was on July 4th and two years later  July 4, 2010 became the hallmark of their lives together and the beginning of what will be an amazing story.  Thank you both for the privilege of being there at the beginning.

Brian Kellogg - I love the shot of the bride looking behind her. The light is awesome in that photo.

Katie & James

I thought I would designate this week officially as wedding week and catch up on sharing the weddings from this summer.  Katie and James kick it off.  They  had an incredible, magical day with the opulent backdrop of the Hilton in Cincinnati.   In love since high school, it was great to see them enjoy every second together and so excited for their future.  Big blessings to you both.


So here are some of my favorite people on the planet.  Mitch, Lara and thier beautiful son Zach are walking testimonies to me of God’s faithfulness.  Thanks so much for the treasure of your friendship and reminding me that the Lord does remember.

f a c e b o o k